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Next Public Speaking Bootcamp, Bundaberg, 13th November

Public Workshops & Courses

Face-to-face and online. Check individual programs for availability. 

Public Courses, Workshops & Seminars

Public Speaking Bootcamp

Many people don’t feel confident speaking in front of others, which can hold them back from taking on important opportunities.

This short course will give you the skills to be a more effective speaker both in-person and online. You’ll learn how to make your voice heard, connect with an audience and build your confidence as a presenter.


1 x Workshop

1 x Zoom Session

Speaking on Video

This workshop has been designed to build your confidence with shooting and posting casual on-the-spot or live videos and also using tools such as Zoom more effectively. This is NOT a video production class. This is about you gathering your thoughts and capturing them on camera.



Online Course (Coming Soon)

Not currently available.

Speaking on the Spot

Learn strategies to help you gather your thoughts and respond brilliantly in a variety of impromptu speaking situations including meetings, job interviews, forums, or any situation when you’re asked to say a few words off-the-cuff.



Online Course (Coming Soon)

Not currently available.

The Wise Words Training Difference

Science-Backed Methods

As a student of the psychological sciences, my methods are developed from sound  communication and psychological research.


Interactive Learning

My programs are designed to avoid having passive participants. I provide interactive learning with content that appeals to a variety of learning preferences.

Flexible Design & Delivery

In-house programs can be tailored to your specific objectives. Most programs can also be adjusted for online delivery via Zoom or MS Teams.


Most importantly, I will consult with you before and after the training to ensure that your needs have been met and the desired objectives achieved.

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