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Public Speaking Bootcamp & Powerful Public Speaking Course

A choice of one-day workshop or six-session public speaking and communication program to help you achieve better results whether building your career, your business, or personal profile.

Be more confident and know what to say.

Sounds simple enough, however, I’ve found these to be the two biggest pain points for most people who struggle with public speaking. For most people it’s not about developing flawless oratory skills. It’s not about crafting their speech down to every single word. It’s about simply having the confidence to be heard and being able to express their thoughts, knowledge, and ideas in an organised and coherent flow.

Have you ever:

  • Stayed quiet in a meeting when you know you should have spoken up?

  • Let opportunities pass you by because you would have to speak?

  • Wished you could have a presentation, speech, job interview, sales pitch etc. over again?

Being able to connect with an audience and express yourself with confidence and clarity is one of the most effective ways of achieving better results in your career and business. 

This training is designed to give you the tools and strategies to improve your confidence, construct your message with your audience in mind, and deliver it as the best version of you (not something or someone you are pretending to be).

Hi, I’m David Wise

I have had a lifelong love/hate relationship with public speaking. In 2003 I finally decided to work on making it a love/love relationship, however, it still took many years before I figured out how to get my fear under control and focus on the things the things that can really make a difference.

 Now, I want to make it easier and faster for others to get the results they need.

Yes. My training is based on communication and psychological research.

Yes. It is intended to challenge you.

However, I assure you that it is designed to be enjoyable and easy to implement.

Find out more about me

In this video, I explain why improving your speaking skills is a bit like baking a cake (it’s 3 min 51 sec).

Which Suits Your Situation?

Option 1 – PS Bootcamp Workshop Only

Just do the Public Speaking Bootcamp as a one-day workshop. You will learn and practise enough strategies, tips and techniques to be able to significantly improve your speaking skills by applying them on your own after the workshop.

Option 2 – Powerful Public Speaking Full Course

The Powerful Public Speaking course runs over 6 sessions and approximately 5 weeks.

When you do this course, the bootcamp workshop is session 1. We then continue working together over another  5 sessions where you will be provided with set projects to do most weeks and have the opportunity to get ongoing feedback on areas such as managing nerves, using your voice, and body language to name a few.

The group is kept small so that we can still focus on each individual’s needs while harnessing the power of a shared experience.


Session 1 - Public Speaking Bootcamp


Discovery Session 1

As a group we will explore our challenges with speaking in various situations and begin delving into some strategies involving the pillars of mindset, content, delivery and audience understanding.

Impromptu Speaking

Learn strategies to help you gather your thoughts and respond brilliantly in a variety of impromptu speaking situations including meetings, job interviews, forums, or any situation when you’re asked to say a few words off-the-cuff.

Discovery Session 2

When it comes to public speaking, sometimes things go well and other times not so well. We will explore some practical principles to help you get it right every time and continue  to improve.

Persuasive or Inspiring Presentations

We will discuss how to prepare two different types of presentations before you will choose one to prepare and present to the group.

Introducing Another Speaker

When you are the host of the event, it sets a great tone if you know how to introduce others correctly.

Session 2 - Speaking on video

Conducted via Zoom

This session will build your confidence with shooting and posting casual on-the-spot or live videos and also using tools such as Zoom more effectively. This is NOT a video production class. This is about you gathering your thoughts and sharing them on camera.

Session 3 - The art and science of ethical persuasion

This is a big topic. Much of your success at anything hinges on your ability to persuade people to support your ideas, your cause, or your mission. Buy your products. Use your services.

We will go deeper into the persuasive presentation format from the bootcamp when we present our persuasive speeches.

The session will also include some discussion of modern research regarding persuasive communication and it how it compares to popular traditional teachings.

We will also explore some ethical communication issues such as manipulating people vs. guiding them to act on attitudes they already have.

Session 4 - Using visual aids

In this project we will cover:

  • How to use visual aids such as slides or props to enhance what you are saying
  • The ‘Death by Powerpoint’ phenomenon and how to avoid it.

Session 5 - Inspirational storytelling

We go deeper into the inspirational speech format that was covered at the bootcamp.

By this stage of the course, participants should also be getting much better at using their voice and movements to add power to their words. Refining these skills will be a focus in this session.

Session 6 - Speech night and graduation

An enjoyable evening where participants can bring a guest for support. We will enjoy some nibblies before participants present their final speeches (your choice from any of the speeches you have done during the course).


  • Course commences with Public Speaking Bootcamp

  • Powerful Public Speaking Course includes Public Speaking Bootcamp plus 5 additional sessions

  • In the event of a COVID lockdown during the course, sessions will be postponed or go online, not cancelled

Feedback from Past Participants

The following testimonials are from people who have done one of my various workshops or courses. I have seen many times how improving confidence and developing effective communication skills moves people towards their goals in huge increments.

It never gets old. Ever.

I attended David’s recent public speaking course and absolutely loved it! He is one amazing mentor! The skills that you will learn from it and him are invaluable! If you are keen to give it a try you will not be disappointed. From the start to finish, you are provided with access to feedback and the support of someone who wants to help you in your journey of confidence & appeal! Thank you so much for your dedication to the program and follow up. Don’t hesitate to book yourself in for the next round! You won’t be disappointed

Joanne Cole

David is a wealth of knowledge on all things public speaking. I learned many valuable tips and techniques, and feel so much more confident now when speaking and interviewing.

Tracey McPhee

This morning I had a meeting with someone important who could potentially be a great asset to my business. I was amazed at how comfortable I felt about going to the meeting and when she asked me questions, I was able to confidentially, comfortably, and sensibly answer them without hesitation. Feeling very proud of myself and thankful that I found this course.

Lee-Ann Wilson

The content was very practical and was delivered succinctly and professionally by David. I came away with a number of very useful tools and strategies that have assisted me in strengthening my public presentation skills. Highly recommend!

Marcus McCormick

Absolutely loved David’s one day public speaking bootcamp. It was an intimate group setting that allowed for lots of practice opportunities in front of the group, with lots of feedback from David as well. Some great structure tips for planned and impromptu speaking. I highly recommend David ! He is awesome at what he does !

Amy Rose Baldwin

Thank you David. You are a wonderful presenter and mentor who seemed to read all of our thoughts and gently move us out of our comfort zones to believe in ourselves. I wholeheartedly recommend Wise Words Communications.

Leisa Gardiner


Choose a location below and follow the button link to the Eventbrite website.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you select the correct ticket:

  • Select Public Speaking Bootcamp if doing only the workshop

  • Select Powerful Public Speaking Course if doing the course – no need to book a bootcamp ticket as well.

  • Please carefully check refund policy

If a booking link is not yet available, please email me to go on the wait list and be the first to know when bookings open.



PS Bootcamp: Saturday May 22 9am – 4pm

Other sessions: 6pm – 8pm Tuesdays

25/5, 1/6, 8/6, 15/6, 22/6.


PS Bootcamp: Saturday July 17 2021,  9am – 4pm

Other sessions: 6pm – 8pm Mondays

26/7, 2/8, 9/8, 16/8 plus one session via Zoom TBC


Meeting Room 1, Maida Lilley Centre

Level 1, 5 Green Square Close

Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006


PS Bootcamp: Saturday July 24 2021, 9am – 4pm

Other sessions: 6pm – 8pm Tuesdays

27/7, 3/8, 10/8, 17/8 plus one session via Zoom TBC


Meeting Rooms

Toowoomba City Library Precinct

Fraser Coast

PS Bootcamp: Saturday July 31 2021,  9am – 4pm

Other sessions: 6pm – 8pm Wednesdays

4/8, 11/8, 18/8, 25/8 plus one session via Zoom TBC

Venue: To be advised. Likely Hervey Bay.


PS Bootcamp: Saturday October 23 2021, 9am – 4pm

Other sessions: 6pm – 8pm Mondays

25/10, 1/11, 8/11, 15/11, 22/11.


PS Bootcamp: Saturday October 30 2021,  9am – 4pm

Other sessions: 6pm – 8pm Tuesdays

2/11, 9/11, 16/11, 23/11, 30/11.

Contact David Wise

0427 360 293
[email protected]

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