Communication Skills Training

designed to engage hearts and minds for better outcomes

Confidence. Clarity. Connection.

Who I work with…

My clients want to communicate with confidence and clarity to achieve better results in their career or business.

My clients want to be recognised as leaders with influence and authority in their industry or community.

Why they want to improve…

They know they are being held back and missing opportunities by not having their voice heard.

They understand that their ability to express themselves effectively directly impacts their ability to get things done, make things happen, and achieve their goals.

They are frustrated by the inefficiency, rework, and lack of progress that is caused by not communicating effectively.

Whether you are an individual, have a small business, or are part of a large organisation,

confident & clear communication is your competitive edge.

Practical Strategies with Positive Results

Develop the confidence to talk about your thoughts, ideas and knowledge.

Increase your personal and/or business profile and be seen as a leader in your industry or community.

Connect more effectively with others in a range of situations encountered in the modern business environment.

Enjoy the higher productivity that is the result of clearer communication.

Communicate more easily with people in situations you once found frustrating or stressful.

Hi, I’m David Wise

from Wise Words Communications

I have been developing my own coaching and training programs since 2011 to help clients grow in confidence, communicate with more clarity, and connect with their audience.

I have always found that most people are great at what they do in their business or their job. What they struggle with is expressing themselves effectively, having their voice heard, AND making sure others are being heard.

My programs are designed to give you some simple tools to help you achieve signifcant results realtively quickly.

Will the training challenge you? Yes. My training is based on psychological and communication research. However, I’ve done the hard work of turning this into practical strategies that can be applied in real world situations.

Which of these options best meets your needs?

in-house Training

If you are looking for bespoke training for the staff of your company, not-for-profit, or small-medium enterprise. Also school students or members of your community group.

Public Workshops

If you are looking for training for yourself I have a number of courses and workshops that are evolving all the time.

personal coaching

When you need some help to prepare for that high-stakes presentation or learn to communicate more effectively.

Customised In-House Training

Let’s discuss the communication skills needs of your team to develop a program that meets your specific objectives.

Elements could include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • different types of presentations (e.g. persuasive, informative etc.)

  • speaking on camera

  • pitching and sales training

  • communicating your business vision, values etc.

  • conversations with staff and customers

  • outbound messaging (e.g. content marketing)

  • identifying and dealing with communication issues specific to your organisation

Corporate, NFP, Govt.

I can work with companies, not-for-profits, government departments and agencies to help your organisation develop more effective communicators.


For some staff training with a difference, help your team become more confident communicators and enjoy the flow-on benefits in your business.


Training to help you develop tomorrow’s leaders or help your staff communicate with more impact outside the classroom.


If you want to get better at telling others about your community cause, let’s develop some training to meet your objectives.

Where can I run training?

Presently I can travel anywhere in Australia subject to COVID restrictions. While I believe face-to-face is best, I accept current reality and can tailor training so it can be run via Zoom or MS Teams.

Public Courses, Workshops & Seminars

Crucial Speaking Skills

Many people don’t feel confident speaking in front of others, which can hold them back from taking on important opportunities.

This short course will give you the skills to be a more effective speaker both in-person and online. You’ll learn how to make your voice heard, connect with an audience and build your confidence as a presenter.


1 x Workshop

2 x Zoom Sessions

Speaking on Video

This workshop has been designed to build your confidence with shooting and posting casual on-the-spot or live videos and also using tools such as Zoom more effectively. This is NOT a video production class. This is about you gathering your thoughts and capturing them on camera.

Available as:


Online Course (Coming Soon)

Speaking on the Spot

Learn strategies to help you gather your thoughts and respond brilliantly in a variety of impromptu speaking situations including meetings, job interviews, forums, or any situation when you’re asked to say a few words off-the-cuff.

Available as:


Online Course (Coming Soon)

Private Coaching & Consulting

Presentation Preparation

When you need help to write, design and deliver a high-stakes presentation where the outcome really matters.

Personal Coaching

There are a range of reasons why people get private coaching before trying out what they’ve learned in front of others. Let’s discuss your situation.

Confidentiality assured

In some situations, private coaching clients require confidentiality regarding the work we do together. This is 100% respected.

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