Wise Words Podcast Episode 2

Wise Words Podcast Episode 2

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Fear of being judged is one of the main reasons that people feel insecure about putting their voice out into the world. For me, it is the number one reason I have held back, stayed quiet and not gone after my goals in the past. However, using the strategies I talk about in this episode, I now feel a lot more confident about pursuing my goals and growing my business. I hope there is something here that helps you find that little bit of extra courage you need.

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If you’re interested in the science behind things such as self-concept and self-esteem, here are a few concepts to check out:

Social comparison theory. The theory that we evaluate our own abilitiesby comparing ourselves to others. 


Downward social comparison. A defensive tendency to compare ourselves to others who are less successful, less happy or less fortunate. 


Sociometer theory. The idea that people are inherently social and self-esteem is connected to a primitive need to connect with others and gain their approval.  


Self-regulation. The process of controlling, thoughts, feelings and behaviour in order to achieve a personal goal. 


Strategic self-presentation. Strategies people use to shape what others think of them. 



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