Master of Ceremonies & Event Host

Engaging Professional Event Hosting

Corporate Master of Ceremonies

As a corporate MC, I help event organisers ensure their event runs smoothly and is presented with a professional edge.


  • Conferences and conventions
  • Expos and trade shows (speciality)
  • Gala dinners and awards nights
  • Official ceremonies
  • Promotional events

Ground Announcer

Keep your participants and attendees informed and ensure stakeholders get great recognition with a well-spoken announcer.


  • Sporting events
  • Exhibition events (shows, field days etc.)
  • Any large outdoor event

Facilitator & Chairperson

Engage with and educate the community, create publicity, and consult stakeholders through live events.


  • Forums
  • AGM’s
  • Strategy sessions

A relaxed, natural style on stage with just the right amount of energy to suit the occasion. Organised and in control behind-the-scenes.

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Supporting Your Event & Stakeholders

As an event organiser, there is peace of mind in knowing that the person who is the public voice of your event is capable, professional, and has your back. I’m not a celebrity or media personality so I can’t offer you a well-known name. However, I do have you covered with reliability, organisation, excellent hosting skills, and a commitment to supporting your event and its stakeholders. 

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My Approach to Representing Your Event


I ensure that I am fully informed about all aspects of your event and thoroughly prepared. However, I can also handle last-minute changes.


Events involve many parts that must come together. I make a point of ensuring that I communicate well with other professionals at your event and respect their roles.


When it’s time to bring it all together I approach the ‘up front’ part of the job with a relaxed, confident style the appropriate energy level to suit the occasion.