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What challenges do you need to overcome in order to achieve better results from your communication efforts including:

  • Speeches and presentations

  • Meetings & workshops

  • Conversations with staff and customers

  • Written communications

When it comes to communicating, there are hundreds of reasons why we might struggle to get the results we want. Some of the main ones include…

Well…not actually communicating at all. Holding back and avoiding for a variety of reasons. 

Talking (often LOUDLY) about the wrong things.

A BIG one – lack of clarity.

Struggling to be heard amongst the noise.

If you know you could use some help, that’s a great first step. Be assured, you’re definitely not alone…

Seperate studies by Salesforce and Fierce Inc. both found that 86% of employees blame a lack of effective collaboration and communication as the main causes for workplace failures.

It is estimated that around 73% of the general population have some level of anxiety around speaking in front of an audience.

Source: National Institute of Mental Health

A study by Dynamic Signal found that 80% of workers felt more stress because of ineffective communication.

Wise Words Communications provides practical steps to make sure you are talking about the right things, in a way that connects with your audience, across a range of mediums.

It’s Content AND Delivery

Some experts claim that one matters more than the other. The truth is that any strategy that doesn’t address both the way a message is constructed and the way it is delivered, is missing half the equation.


Nothing occurs in isolation. For communication to be effective, we need to be aware of the surrounding environment and influencing factors which affect how it is received.

Connection is an Art and a Science

Science says there are key triggers that humans respond to. The art is in finding simple ways to apply them in every day communication situations.

Interpersonal & One-to-Many Communications

I take a holistic approach to communication and provide training and consulting to help you be more effective in a range of situations from personal conversations to outbound messaging.


I hear you say…

“That science talk sounds a bit complicated. I just want to be more confident and know what to say.”

Relax. While all my training is research-based and designed to challenge you, it is enjoyable and fun. Importantly, you are getting feedback from an experienced professional communicator who knows where to look to get serious results and makes it as simple as possible to achieve them.

Hi, I’m David Wise

from Wise Words Communications

The great Albert Einstein once said:

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

I have been developing my own coaching and training programs since 2011 and have been working and studying in commmunication-related fields for over three decades.

Here are some things I understand:

  • I understand your challenges as a communicator

  • I understand the root causes of communication problems

  • I understand what to change to get better results

Most people are great at what they do in their business or their job. What they struggle with is expressing themselves effectively, having their voice heard, AND making sure others are being heard.

I hope we can work together soon.

When you’re ready, dive in and explore my services and resources


I have a range of communication skills training programs which can be run in-house or are sometimes open to the public .


I am an impartial facilitator who can assist with workshops and improvement projects for a variety of objectives.


I can present communication-related topics tailored to suit your needs. I can also host your event as a professional MC.

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