About David Wise

AKA ‘That Speaking & Writing Guy’

The Name Behind the Name

Wise Words Communications is mainly me, David Wise. You see what I did there, right? However, my business is about more than just a play on words…

I have always loved communication and learning about why people do what they do, what they respond to, and what they don’t. This has taken me on a career path through the worlds of communication, marketing, media, and events working with a variety of people, businesses, and organisations.

Inevitably, some projects will lead to conversations about other aspects of business development and personal development. Some of these I can also assist with.

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David Wise

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Things That Are Important To Me

Being Professional.

While my approach is always professional, I don’t think that has to mean boring.

Being Authentic

‘Authenticity’ has become a bit of a buzzword but I don’t mind it as long as it is used in the right way.

Authenticity to me is having a set of personal values that guide your actions, decision making, and words. It’s having empathy and understanding. It’s having an informed opinion and the ability to express it. 

Plain English.

I don’t like unnecessarily complex language.

Easy to work with.

I always try to make the process of working with me as simple and hassle-free as possible. 


I think working together should be fun. Otherwise, there doesn’t seem to be much point.

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Experience Combined With Modern Savvy

You might say I’ve been at the communication game for a while. I’ve spent over 25 years combining on-the-job experience with ongoing education. The world is changing fast but the funny thing is, it’s still often the tried and proven strategies and techniques that work the best. The skill is in knowing how to constantly adapt and apply them to new environments.


“David is a wealth of knowledge on all things public speaking. I learned many valuable tips and techniques, and feel so much more confident now when speaking and interviewing.”

Tracey McPhee

Not only is he an exceptional host and speaker, David was always happy to provide recommendations and insight into the strategic delivery of the event.

Aaron Ng

An articulate and skilful communicator, David delivered a very professional presentation.

Beth Scott

“He is one amazing mentor! The skills that you will learn from it (course) and him are invaluable!”

Joanne Cole