It’s easy when you want to, but so hard when you have to

Any purist who has read my writing will tell you that I’m not the most grammatically correct writer in the world. But (ha ha) I hope that my writing is easy to read and reasonably engaging, which is what I aim for.

While I am better known for speaking, writing is something I also enjoy immensely. That wasn’t the case for a while though. You see, writing copy for websites used to take up a significant slice of my week and I grew to loathe it. Writing is one of those things for me which so easy when you WANT to, but so hard when you HAVE to. When I had to because it was my job, and I had zero interest in the client’s business to boot, writing became a dreaded chore.

Right before COVID hit the world, writing copy was one of the services I dropped from my business with the exception of a couple of clients who are doing work I genuinely buy into. In retrospect, not having this source of income has hurt a bit over the last 18months, however, I have come to love writing again. For example, I enjoy doing this newsletter and when I miss a week now and then it’s not because I can’t think of anything to write about or because it’s a chore, it’s because I genuinely didn’t have time or wasn’t feeling well.

Another quick example, last week I had to do a uni assessment which involved writing two essays. The catch was the topics were revealed at 4pm on Wednesday and we had 24 hours to write and submit the two essays before the submission portal closed. I thought this was a task that would require me to get by on about 3 hours sleep. However by 8pm on Wednesday I found myself well ahead of schedule, got a good 7 hours sleep and submitted the assessment with an hour to spare! It definitely helped that I was absorbed by the two essay topics.

Okay, so what’s the life lesson in all this? Well, I guess it’s actually not really a given task that we either enjoy or don’t enjoy. It’s the reason we are doing it that determines our enjoyment.

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