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Should I be worried when I am described as ‘professional’?

I used to have a boss who taught me to look a little deeper whenever somebody described our company as “very professional”.

Why? Surely that’s a positive thing, right?

Well, yes, being professional means that you did everything right, there were no mistakes and everything was flawless. Most people would be happy with that.

Then again, someone like a hitman would also be stoked with that definition of their work.

When you are in the business of giving people experiences or dealing with them at a personal level, you want to make sure that ‘professional’ doesn’t mean clinical.

You should also be asking…

Were they engaged?

Did they feel heard and recognised?

Did they get what they needed from the experience emotionally and mentally?

Thankfully, most of the time when I look a little deeper, people are having meaningful experiences. It’s often more a case of them not being very creative with language so they just go with “very professional”. However, it’s always worth checking in with them.

Photo by Tommy Roca from Pexels

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