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Amazing Skill is about the Years not the Minutes or Hours

Recently, my son (who plays clarinet) took part in a weekend music workshop as part of the State Honours Ensemble Program which is run through Griffith University – Queensland Conservatorium. This particular program was for students from grades 5 through to 9 (I think).

Being new to this scene, I didn’t really know how much could be achieved in just a weekend. However, on Sunday morning parents were able to see the group perform not one or two, but FOUR pieces they had worked on together during Friday evening and Saturday.

The outcome was incredible. Partly due to the talent of the students but more so because of the skill of those instructing them who were able to harness that talent and bring it together in a short space of time.

It made me reflect on the fact that we can sometimes underestimate what goes into achieving outstanding results. In this case, it wasn’t just a day and a bit of hard work, it was the instructors’ years of experience and learning that enabled them to bring a group of kids together and have them playing like a well-oiled machine in a matter of hours.

We can sometimes underestimate our value when we can achieve something relatively quickly (I am guilty). So it doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves now and then of the years of work and study that we have put in to give us that ability in the first place.

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