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Hi, I’m David Wise

from Wise Words Communications

I have been developing my own coaching and training programs since 2011 to help clients communicate with more clarity and connect with their audience,

I have always found that most people are great at what they do in their business or their job. What they struggle with is expressing themselves effectively, having their voice heard, AND making sure others are being heard.

My programs are designed to give you some simple tools to help you be a more effective version of yourself, not force you into being something you’re not.

Will the training challenge you? Yes. My training is based on psychological and communication research. However, I’ve done the hard work of turning this into practical strategies that can be applied in real world situations.

Ways we can work together


I have a range of communication skills training programs which can be run in-house or are sometimes open to the public .


I am an impartial facilitator who can assist with workshops and team-building sessions for a variety of objectives.


I can present communication-related topics tailored to suit your needs. I can also host your event as a professional MC.

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